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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
6:20 pm
Did you know?
For a while now I have been very obviously lacking in subjects upon which I might feel the need to elaborate. For example... Puffskeins. I feel no need to discuss their fluffiness or their generally pleasant nature. Or the use of the phrase 'balderdash' in a completely nonsensicle manner. Or, even the injustice of the general assembly of Hogwarts professors.

These are all topics in which I find no interest as of late.

However... I can very sucessfully talk about my marks over the past few weeks. Did you know that my concentration level went sky-high, thereby bringing said marks up a full lot and proceding to make my parental units much happier than usual? Of course my mother is mostly focused on the godforsaken child in her household and my father is (as per usual) out of the loop. BUT NONETHELESS, I did get an owl which ever so slightly mentioned the unexpected rise. I know, who could have thought they might get any better than they already were? I'm just so talented like that.

Strange noises were heard from my bed last night. Meaning... I heard them while lying in my bed, not I made them while lying in my bed. I can only assume they were coming from the boys' dormitories. Ravenclaw boys are so... supressed you know?

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, August 14th, 2005
7:47 pm
Crack pots
It seems that the very best of our school (sarcasm noted here due to printed versus spoken word) have gotten themselves a Pribbler. Crabbe, Goyle, I commend you. I wasn't even positive that you could read for sure. On the same subject, the Pribbler population is steadily growing. I do love that one of the first things that many of the arrogant Slytherins people claim is that they had no desire whatsoever to own one, and yet... they do. I just find human behaviour like this absolutely amusing. You people are wonderful.

I am wondering how things are going in everyone's houses. Hufflepuff... have you had any faintings, er- maybe I meant paintings sorry Zacharias lately? All you Gryffers getting along, not beating one another up, flirting relentlessly, etc.? And Slytherins... still snide and obnoxious as per usual? I do hope so. Change is so dull, isn't it? Normalcy is the bloody way to go nowadays.

I've a beautifully bound dark blue leather book sitting upon its brown wrapping paper with the burlap strings still attached in the dead center of my bed. Seems the family's sent me an entire album of family photos from the few weeks I've been absent. Okay, I'll give the fact that they just had a birth in the family to them, but honestly, an entire hundred page album filled to the brim (FRONT AND BACK OF EACH PAGE, PEOPLE) with photos of one single family is utterly frustrating. But what I'm not admitting to is the fact that looking through it gives me great satisfaction. There is one picture in particular of the boys giving crude gestures to the camera. It's somewhat of a non-offensive inside joke, but I'm positive that Mum didn't know they slipped that in there for me. I do miss them all, really.

That reminds me... God knows how, but it does... would anyone like some home made cookies? I'd rather fancy that right now. Yumtious.

Current Mood: in denial of homesickness
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
11:51 pm
Keep your hoochie
I dropped my Pribbler in a puddle this afternoon and almost felt bad. Is that normal? Anyone?

Lately I've spent my evenings in the library. I found a section I'd never discovered, or never taken the time to really dig into. It's made me think a lot, you know. For instance, I find it interesting that such creatures as Nogtails are classified as demons and yet look like some of the friendliest muggle animals you could ever see. And this disguise is all to their benefit, of course. For suckling purposes, or whatnot. And to curse. But what I'm saying is... it stands for us people, doesn't it? We hear about things like Polyjuice Potions and charms to take other people's identities, even if only for a while. And the longer one goes undiscovered, the more damage that is done. For some reason I find it oddly fascinating that many of us hold plenty of similarities to dark creatures, and yet it's difficult and often rare to find one of us who holds many similarities at all to kinder, more noble creatures such as the Unicorn or the Centaur (in most cases, I suppose). Anyway, I suppose it's all just my bloody speculative side taking over my mind and body when all I really would like to do deep down inside is... go to sleep? Eat some food? Crack a joke or two?

I just possibly pulled a Professor Binns there and bored you all to bloody tears. But don't complain because honestly, all I'll tell you is that you can very pleasantly eat slugs, thank-you-so-very-much.

That is all for now. In the name of Jesus Merlin Christ, if this cat doesn't get off of my parchment when I'm attempting to write, I swear by my mum's nonexistant grave that I'll rip her bloody little tail off.

That being said, I really do love you, Little Pelvis, my dear.

Current Mood: content
Sunday, July 31st, 2005
11:10 pm
What a gloriously lazy day today has been. I just felt the need to let the entire Pribbler-carrying world know that rest and relaxation, plus the addition of an entertaining creatures book, makes for the best bloody day I've had since summertime.

And if you say otherwise, I'll hex you into oblivion, you fecking jobbernowls.

Have a lovely week, ladies and blokes.

Current Mood: decently satisfied
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
9:51 pm
Who: Morag McDougal and... anyone that shows up.
When: Evening
Where: The library
Summary: Morag reads a book in the library and cannot control her laughter.

Loud GigglesCollapse )
Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
10:24 am
Bloody Babies
I'm thinking of having an affair with the squid. That way, I can't have babies.

I recieved word from Scotty in the middle of the night saying that Melissa had her baby. This makes me Aunt Morag. Judging by the shakey hand writing and the lack of punctuation, I would say they're quite excited. The attached picture was of a shiney red ball scrunching its nose and sticking out its tongue. Of course, the eyes aren't open quite yet. Wait... why am I saying it? It is a he named Willem Bortlan McDougal. Horrible name. I think I'll insist on calling him Will.

I fel back to sleep in my more than comfy bed (at least, at that hour of the morning it seemed that way) and was then woken up yet again by another owl, this one being much more legible. It was from Marcus, asking if I had heard the news. Of course I've heard the news, prat. He sent his sister the first owl! Apparently. Merlin. And then, would you believe, not an hour later, I got an owl from Eric again to see if I'd heard yet. Yes, it's the first grandchild of the family, so they're all quite excited, but can't they communicate?!

This continued for the rest of the night... an hour later, one from Mum. An hour after that, one from Da. I'm currently waiting on one from the baby itself to see if I have, indeed, heard the news of its birth.

Thank God I'm not in that blasted house til summer. Yes, the baby will be on a completely different floor... but Merlin, the walls aren't sound-proof. I think I heard Scotty and Mel making the kid in the first place! Oh, God. I need sleep.

Current Mood: Proud Aunt-ish
Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
6:32 pm
What is it with some people and being totally killable? Take Draco Malfoy certain rather arrogant individuals for instance... can I just... you know, dispose of them? Would anyone honestly give a flying fuck?

I'm quite busy being busy right now, so I'm off.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
9:29 pm
Cheers, darlin'!
I'm going to have to say that the train ride was relatively amusing. (And the feast, of course, was delicious. Those house elves really ought to recieve more praise for their cooking!) After using this Pribbler the past couple of days I don't believe I could very well live without it. I know it sounds ridiculous and bloody mainstream but this thing really is addictive. I'll open it every few seconds to see who's made the next idiotic comment.

Also, the nude pictures are perfectly wonderful. Thank you Mr. Stebbins!

I don't think I'll be able to eat for a few days since I indulged so much at the feast. I feel as if I might pop! (That's a complete and utter lie. I've always wanted to pretend to be one of those dainty girls who never eats but my genetics passed on this bloody huge appetite and a love for food of all kinds. I just thank Merlin I don't have the thighs to prove it. Breasts, yes. Thighs, no. And to tell you the truth- sorry for the rambling- I think the only reason must be Quiddith or just overactivity. If you know what I mean. AHEM. SEX. Oh shit.)

So now that I've revealed my terrible food weakness to the entire world... if you need me in bed but I refuse you, just bring me a home cooked meal.

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
8:38 pm
All this movement's gonna set me off, baby
Bump bump bump goes the train train train.

Choo choo!

Chugga chugga chugga chugga...


Current Mood: INSANE
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
3:59 pm
If someone swallowed my wand, could I pick him up, wave him around, and transform things into teacups with him? And... would it make for better sex?

Life altering questions brought to you by Morag "Not Morgan" McDougal.

Current Mood: silly
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